Can someone proof me that changing career at 30 years old is possible? I need reassurance atm.


  • I've had several careers after 30. All with some success. Most recently, I changed careers at 50 and I'm happier, and more inspired by my work than ever before. You've got lots of time to find your way.
  • It's very possible.
    Like you I'm in my early 30's and spent most of my 20's in the charity and public sector, until I decided to switch to journalism in 2018.
    It's not been an easy however ,with time and perseverance I'm doors have been opening, and they will for you too if you stick at it. All the best.
  • @Daniel Hawley-Lingham I will cover anything, though my principal focus has been in media and accessibility. Studied for a diploma at LSJ, which gave me a good grounding, and then just started pitching.
  • I was a graphic designer (focussing on book design) for ten years, from graduation to the end of 2021. In 2022, I switched to journalism and I'm both significantly more financially stable - and that's with how unstable journalism is right now - and enjoying my work more than I ever did working with clients as a designer.
  • When I was 30 I didn't even think about it, I thought I was young! I changed career several time, when I was 40 I started from scratch in a new country too and I still feel "young" today, if you mean curious, restless and full of doubts. This reminds me an article I read "Where does all the old creatives go" :) . So just do it. You'll have more tools on your side and life is (possibly) long. I find this series of article very refreshing and come back to them when I wobble.
  • I think a lot about it being "too late" (I'm 35) and I think it depends a lot on who you spend time with – that includes who you follow online, the TV shows you watch and the people you spend time with. If you pay more attention to people who are older than you your perspective will shift, and you'll see that 30 is definitely not too old for a career change. You've still got a lotta life left at that age and there's no better time to shift your trajectory to make that time more fulfilling and satisfying.
  • Hello Thomas, Josef Albers (the painter) created his most famous work at 62 years old. It's his seminal series of paintings called 'Homage to the Square'. It's never too late to create your best work or change careers.

    Another artist who's work and pathways is phenomenal is Phyllida Barlow who dedicated most of her life to teaching and at the age of 65 retired to focus on her own art.

    There is a quote by Jerry Saltz, an american art critic who said:
    'Artists: Never stay in your own lane. Change styles if you like; switch mediums, materials, whatever. There's no need for consistency. When people tell you to stay in your lane, they're trying to hold you back or keep you down. Do whatever you want to do and you do it well.' I love this and I feel it can be applied to all, not solely the arts.

    Don't let anyone stop you on your tracks. If you are changing career it's a sign of being driven, courageous and incredibly versatile. Well done and keep us posted on the next stages.
  • And Lisa Congdon started painting in her early 30s and didn't get momentum in her art career til her early 40s

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