Do you find The Dots to be a good platform for finding freelance work, or is it more helpful for connecting with other creatives?


  • @Scott Jackson I totally agree :) I managed to find work connections here in the past (I think now it's tough everywhere) but The Dots is the only community website I love to check everyday (weekends too) because I find interesting projects or questions. It goes beyond the nitty-gritty of work to see the big picture: how can I work better or in a more meaningful way. Probably it's me getting older but these topics are often overlooked yet are important.
  • Definitely been great for both, for me. Like @Scott Jackson when I first signed up, I really put nothing at all on my profile and didn't really invest any time into the Dots until literally a year ago. But agree wholeheartedly with Scott, the ethos of kindness and support on here is brilliant emphasised even more since the pandemic. :-D
  • Hey Flo, you might find these two webinar recordings handy, full of top tips on how to make the most of The Dots:

    Top tips for using The Dots (find work, network, upskill & more!):

    How to find your dream job on The Dots:

  • I joined The Dots when it first started but to my shame I just uploaded a few things to my projects page and then left it there.

    It wasn’t until I watched Pip’s webinar about using the platform that I really understood what it was about and what a great place it is for creatives.

    I’ve been a member (and Moderator) of many creative forums and platforms over the years and I’ve seen the forums die and other creative platforms like Behance get over saturated and impersonal, going down the path of other social media.

    What I like about The Dots is the ethos of kindness and support that other platforms don’t seem to have.

    If I do manage to get some work from here then that’s fantastic but for me it’s just a great place to be around other creatives and I really hope it remains that way.

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