Excitingly, The Dots was just featured as ‘App of the Day’ in the Apple App Store! Have you downloaded it? Any feedback?

My amazing team is over the moon, as they work tirelessly to help everyone's career dreams come true!

If you haven't downloaded our (free!) app yet, you can get it here:


If you are using our app, any feedback is gratefully received – what do you love? What can we do better? Any ideas for how we can make it even more useful for you?

Also huge apologies to anyone that uses an Android phone, we're a small but mighty team so while creating an Android app is absolutely on our roadmap, it won't happen overnight I'm afraid.

You can still access The Dots on your Android phones, via mobile web!

Thanks everyone :-)


  • Hey

    So i had difficulty finding a simple message button when I’m on the profile page of of a new connection whilst using the mobile app. A simple way to do this would be amazing.

    I’m also having a difficult time accessing and reviewing my existing connections. Is there a way to navigate and be updated about my existing connections pool without having to be shown my non connections?

    Thank you
  • Would also love to see an easier way to get to the notifications and messages. Perhaps a scrolling tab bar or something that allows more items at the bottom.
  • Congrats! I love the app!

    One thing - when I’m being suggested businesses to follow (swipe left or right) it would be cool to be able to click on those businesses to read/discover more about them. Sometimes I don’t follow simply because I don’t recognize the name.

  • Congratulations on the feature!

    Really enjoying the app, I like the recent, subtle changes to the UI design and that 'Asks' has it's own section in the app.

    It would be great to see a Dark Mode on both the app and desktop version!

    Many thanks and hope this helps!

  • Congrats on being featured! That's really great.
    I've been using the app for a while now, and one thing I would change is how often it keeps me logged in. Most apps keep you logged in for a long time, but on here, I have to login quite a few times, though still receive push notifications for new connects, etc.
  • First of all, congratulations! It's a great app with a very intuitive and unobtrusive design.
    There is one feature missing, and it would be a really simple fix: on the event pages, when tapping 'Add to calendar', ideally the iOS Calendar app would launch for the user to be able to choose which calendar, add notes or edit the name of the event. It would also be great if the location of the event would be saved by default (now it's not).

    Again on the event page, I'd love to be able to:
    - copy/paste the location details (currently the text cannot be selected)
    - ideally tap the location to launch one of the installed navigation maps

    I hope this helps!

  • Morning! That is a great news.
    Please now a great app for Android users. Thank you
  • I normally access The Dots website via web using my One Plus 5T, Android phone. So in some ways I see using the site on my phone as the "app" for me. I have seen a few people using the app on ios and it looks good. Really keen to see an android app being released. Maybe we could get programmers with experience using Java or Kotlin, as well as UI/UX designers together on the site and accelerate the development of the Dots Android app, or make a provisional roadmap? London has a world class technology cluster so would be great to utilise the skills of those in the community to make it happen. I love the website, but would like to see a save event feature, not just RSVP. Otherwise excellent website ! :-)
  • Congrats! Although if I can offer feedback for improvments - it would be great if The Dots offered a grided format to images too like behance does...this way images that I've created in a grid collage format won't need to be resized as one collage image as I am currently having to do - it's just extra work.
  • Yep - Had the app since I joined thedots, it's good its as easily as accessible as linkedin, as I use both but they have different roles. Positives are I can check messages and wuickly browse events and asks. The only criticism I'd say is the login almost feels too quick (rare thing to say I know!) but I ended up setting up a duplicate account because of this.
  • Congratulations! I love the app. It great that I can connect with amazing and experience people in the industry through the App.
  • One of my fave and most useful apps. Keep up the good work:)

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