Hey creatives! I’m looking to start a website, has anyone got advice on which web design site to use? Eg Wordpress vs Squarespace? Thanks!


  • Wordpress, but you can use the webpage builder Elementor to build your website for Wordpress, as you have to chance to be more creative, and 80% of Wordpress websites use this, as the creativeness is unlimited.
    I have heard mixed reviews about Wix - as some naysayers say that there isn't room for so much creatively. So it comes down to your own needs and what your vision of your website is.
  • suqarespace is for non-developer.
    If you are not a developer, you can create new website easily.
    Of course, wordpress is also for non-developer.
    But I think square space is easier than wordpress.
    Wordpress have more features and functionality than squrespace.
    Thanks so much
  • If you will be doing the website yourself, you can build it almost immediately in Squarespace. It is pricey but the easy to use beautiful layouts and complete integration of useful platforms make it worthy.

    If you can work with a designer, Webflow all the way! It is less pricey than Squarespace and has a more intuitive, easy to use platfrom than Wordpress (both for the designer and the client). You can build your whole website from scratch fast and easily.
  • If it is a portfolio website you're building I'd highly recommend Adobe Portfolio!

    If you already have an adobe account its totally free and gives you a .myportfolio url which is much more professional than a .wix or .squarespace in my opinion (though obviously if you have your own domain then you can ignore that haha!). What I also like about it is that you can remove the 'Powered by Adobe Portfolio' so nobody is none the wiser! It's got some great themes with fairly good customisation and will give you a great looking portfolio with little effort.

    I would probably say I preferred the experience of squarespace in all honesty, but I was able to create exactly what I wanted on Adobe Portfolio for free so it was a no brainer for me?!

    Good luck!
  • Hi Eloise,

    If you haven't got experience with coding or basic skills for website development I'd highly recommend Wix or Squarespace. I haven't used squarespace much but wix has always provided all the tools I needed for my various portfolio sites.

    Good luck with it!
  • As a web design and development expert I recommend Webflow or WordPress if you want to stand out from the crowd. Get in touch if you need help and more advices :)
  • Hi Eloise, I am biased with WordPress which has been my experience ;) But I heard good things with Squarespace from a friend, below and what @Michael Mason said!
  • Hello, I am a designer with really basic css skill and have been puling my air out with wordpress and other website buider until last year when I started to you Squarespace - It's really easy, stable and looking sharp . And I am now building website for my client in matter of days.

  • squarespace is super easy and works nicely ! if not cargocollective is a good one

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