Looking for a film poster designer for my Sci-Fi short!

I have a concept already in mind and have a still from the film we can use, although I am open to more of a collaboration if you have your own ideas.

I do also have a title font chosen, however if you want to create your own graphic for the title that’s definitely a bonus for me (and we could use that in the actual film)!


  • Hi Dalano, i am a freelance graphic designer soon to graduate with a masters in design! I'd love to help design your film poster and can start straight away! Please view my portfolio here: https://katievelladesigns.myportfolio.com
  • Hi Dalano :)


    See you later

  • Hi Dalano!
    Here are some of the images I've worked on... I love Sci-FI
    have a great day!!
  • Thanks everybody for your interest in designing our film poster, I loved seeing everyone's work. I am now working with an artist to design our movie poster, so we are no longer looking for a designer. I have reached out to many of you to stay in touch!
  • Hi Dalano,

    Congratulations on finishing your short! I would love to help to design your poster.

    You can view some of my work here:

    Would you be able to share more about your concept?

    All the best,

  • Hi Dalano!

    Your project sounds like a really fun one!

    I'm an illustrator and designer based in London. I've worked for various brands and previously worked at the Telegraph as an illustrator so have lots of experience creating work in different styles.

    Heres a link to my portfolio so you can see my work.


    If you think I could be a good fit it would be great to have a chat and hear about your concept idea!


  • Hi Dalano,
    My name is Aysha and I am visual artist who likes would in tradtional mix media. I would be happy to design a film poster for your sci fi film.
    My portfolio website- www.ayshaarts.com

    Thank you ,
  • Heya!
    I hope you had a lovely weekend!
    I'd love to be considered! Here are some examples of my posters

    And here are some more graphic design based ones https://www.behance.net/gallery/156277583/Poster-Design
    I can guarantee we can work well together and create the perfect outcome you are looking for.
    If you have any questions my email is marilia.a.quemard@gmail.com
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Thanks so much
  • Hi @Dalano Barnes ,

    My name is Ben King and I am a freelance graphic designer based in London. I have previously worked with agencies and clients across various sectors including arts & culture, fashion, music and hospitality – helping to elevate brands and make sure they are portrayed at their best. This includes UI/UX, visual identities, website design and build, posters, social media assets, motion design and much more.


    I have a lot of experience producing posters for the music and film industries and I am confident I can help you with this project! If this is of interest it would be great to arrange a call/zoom to discuss!

    Many thanks,

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for all of your interest and providing your work, and I appreciate some of you reaching out to me privately.

    I will get back to each one of you individually, it may take me a day or so to go through all of your beautiful artwork.

    Thanks again and speak soon,
  • Hey, I would love to work with you! I’m an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator. I worked with many brands including Adobe, L’Officiel, Chicago Latino Film Festival and A2IM Libera Awards.
    You can find similar projects on my website:
    Graphic Design Portfolio: https://yagmurgenc.com
    IG Portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/creativekebab/
  • Hi Dalano,
    I love to create movie posters. If you would like my eye for style, I will be happy to help you;)
    Some examples:

  • Hi @Dalano Barnes I saw your post, am super excited seeing this opportunity. It’s exactly the job I’ve been looking for to showcase my experiences within graphic design and enthusiasm for strong visual approaches within design communication.

    Have a look in my portfolio - if interested, email me!
  • Hi, your project sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

    You can see some of my Sci-Fi book covers here:
    ...and some posters here:
    thank you,
    Leo Flores
  • Hi, I would by grateful for an opportunyty to create poster for you.

    Illustrations and other graphic:


  • Hi Dalano

    I would be happy to help with the poster for you film, as I work mostly in typography and poster/print design.

    You can find my work on my website: www.komnen.com
    Or you can follow this link to my Instagram, where its might be easier to see all of the collage and poster work I've been doing lately: https://www.instagram.com/komnen__/

    Don't hesitate to text me if you have any questions.
  • Hi Dalano,

    Illustrator here, if you wanted to go down a different route, i can create you an eye catching illustrated poster. My portfolios are linked below with previous posters made for companies.

    Illustration - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HSwE6cxDPPnIKdKp6DCZCuwATZlMvlZA?usp=sharing

    Graphic Design - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AoT44nERpJgITYHAFt7hd4unCm6zdWDL?usp=sharing

    All the best,
  • Hey Dalano,
    I would love to help out with creating a poster for you.
    This sounds like a great job and I would love to be involved. I have created posters for documentaries before and have recently done some branding for a film studio.
    My website is olliescully.com
    IG - https://www.instagram.com/olliescully/
    Dribble - https://dribbble.com/OllieScully
  • Hey!

    This sounds super interesting, I worked in the cinema industry for years before starting my design career with cinema programs. Here’s my work below. I’m currently in the retail sector but looking to move back into cinema and recently taken up custom lettering which might be of interest for you poster


    IG: https://instagram.com/cagmdesign?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


  • Hey Delano,
    Hope you’re all good.
    I like sci-fi and I like movie posters so would love to get involved.
    Here’s my website:
    There’s more on my instagram as well!
  • Hi! Would love to help out! I’ve done some film and other promo posters in the past, you can check them our here - https://readymag.com/ladakopytova/3113605/6/?fbclid=PAAaYlY5CoWnpu_5uvSIZ-uR6RsFwgKKHeC-sPJmtY6XJ4V2Ahy_izJoLVdhI

    contact me on lada.kopytova@gmail.com

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