The creative world feels really London-centric (to me) - where are you from and how do you work? more remotely, in studio etc?


  • I'm based in the South Coast - close to London but less hectic! I work from home, but I'm open to remote work and working on the road, I'm going to Berlin soon which is really exciting, I'm going for five days so I'll be working while I'm there.
  • I’m a recent graduate based in Glasgow wanting to get into the film industry and there’s really not much in Scotland so I’m looking to move to London as that is where the industry seems to be booming!
  • Hi Harry!
    I'm based in London but really any place where I can use my laptop and camera is an office to me. I travel a lot and I work with clients from all over the world.
    I think in most countries the feeling is similar, although maybe not always capital-centric (in Italy for example Milan has the edge over Rome, and in the US there's a duality NY-SF).
  • Heya Harry. I'm from Gibraltar and work remotely from my home studio there. There are a lot of opportunities in London but I feel like increasingly you don't need to have a physical presence there in order to successfully pick up work.
  • I'm based in Lisbon but I'm coming to London more and more regularly. I work mostly remotely. Home and cafes (Lisbon/London). The most relevant creative scene for me is in London... Yeah, I guess there's a big octopus floating above London clouds...
  • Hi Harry greetings from Plymouth! I predominantly work remotely myself though I do work part time in a studio three days a week but when I have my own clients it’s always remotely. I’d be up for studio based work but hasn’t come up yet.

    Most of my bigger clients have been London based but the internet makes the world a very small place so remotely is a norm I think!
  • I live in Edinburgh, but most of my work is in London. London really is a great vaccum cleaner sucking up all the talent from across the UK - and beyond!

    Except in August. Then, for one month of every year, Edinburgh is the center of the creative universe.
  • Hi Harry,

    I lived in London for a time but prefer the sea and the countryside, and everything is much cheaper outside. It gives you breathing space, for the creative mind. The high cost of living and train fares is a deal breaker for a lot of people and there is so much inspiration and design going on away from London - the West and the North, you just have to travel, and seek it out, and it's inspiring! From my experience it seems London agencies prefer to hire freelancers based in London, its getting tougher to get noticed. You have to make your own opportunites, and be creative with what you can do with your skills, and spend time marketing yourself, on top of your projects. I prefer remote work from my studio, I can concentrate and produce better work, some open plan office environments can be quite distracting.
  • I live in west London and i am from Brazil. I am a photographer and work where the job leads me. I am feeling more opportunities in London than where i used to live before (Milan). There is a few steps to get into the network but i am doing step by step.
  • I live in East London. Yes it's expensive and I do still work remote from cafes etc but the opportunities from meeting clients face-2-face and the fact there is a networking event almost every day probably helps it feel London Centric.
  • Hey, the world does feel London centric, I tend to visit often for networking, inspiration, meeting friends and family. I did live there before however I feel it's not sustainable for my lifestyle ATM (unless there was some magical opportunity). Currently I work from my bedroom and my art space in the attic of my house, the creative scene in Peterborough is rising though.
    Having to create opportunities for myself and seek them out is the only option I have for now.
  • west cork, ireland — here it is dublin first, then london etc — as a composer i've been working remotely since before the net, sending stems on dats etc in the post — so well used to being resourcefully creative in the sticks. tv is a different kettle of fish, as comissioning editors only respond to a face directly in front of them — even if you have produced award winning results for them the year before (i suppose because of the bigger budgets they are more nervous in case you run off!), so for them it's good to pretend you are just around the corner.
  • Interesting subject. It definitely feels London-centric when you look at jobs boards online. I lived and worked as a freelancer in London for 17 years, heading to work in various studios, but now I'm based near Bath and mainly work from home. It seems quite difficult to get remote freelance design work at the moment, even though flexible working is a hot topic for many companies. Maybe it's seen as an added benefit for a permanent employee, but freelancers still need to be a bum on seat. I've had remote clients in Australia and America – the time difference works quite well for them as they often get an overnight turnaround.
  • Hey, I think you’re right in saying a lot of creatives still radiate from the London area — I guess due to the sheer destiny of businesses that base themselves there and the opportunities to surround yourself with likeminded creative people. It’s good for the client side of things as well as for recruitment for the design studios opporating there.

    I’m pretty far from that buzz myself, working here in rural Norfolk from home with our own studio in the centre of Norwich. I’ve noticed many small studios popping up here locally and the ‘scene’ appears to be building each year with more shows and events.

    I personally love being in the countryside with my young family, can't imagine bringing up my kids in London. It's also easy enough to hop on a train to London or Cambridge from Norwich too if needed.
  • Hi! That's definitelly interesting topic. I can only speak from my persepctive - based & work in London. I'd love to see proportions how the industry splits when it comes to London and other cities/areas. I haven't heard of any raport outlining that.

  • I work in London now, but prior to that Brighton and Chichester. It is hard putting yourself on the map, but exposing yourself in as many channels possible can open a lot of doors.

    For me, I love London because of its buzz and how easily accessible it is to get inspiration; whether it's visiting a gallery or just going out into the streets! Working in a studio is a lot of fun and it's great to get feedback from as many people as possible when working on a project and to gain some serious skills, but can also be a real hermit and love nothing more than peace and quiet when working alone with no distractions.

    Getting a healthy balance is key to growth - and staying sane!

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