• Absolutely. See things differently. Solve things in many ways.
  • Me! I grew up in a household where my mum tutored kids with Dyslexia and I have seen first hand, once nutured in the right way they have used it to harness their original creative voice. They are the best problem solves, creatives I know- and when I meet new legends at these skills am often not surprised to learn their dyslexic. Originality is everything- so use it!
  • I can resonate with all of this, I found out I was when I got to my final year at Uni. Crazy how it could have helped if I knew earlier, but actually maybe not, I was detined to find the right path throught the same challenges, I dont see it as a disabitly, Its a unique abilty to see and do things differntly and creatively, its an art form when your mind rebels againt norms and find its own way. and what's improtant is I dont have to apologise for being awesome :)
  • I am not dyslexic but for sure it's a super power. I beleive every unique trait is power in its own way. I am doing a cards about different traits to be published in next month.
  • I often fool a spell checker, (i.e it doesn't even recognize the word I am trying to spell!!) write letters backward when writing on paper yet am always praised by clients for my strong storytelling skills both visually and with audio. So weird as it would be a different story (excuse the pun) if I had to write in words! Just a shame that most people do sadly still think you're dim because you can't spell. A lot of prejudice does indeed still exist.
  • I do believe it is a super power especially creatively, however I do think that there is still a lot of prejudice and that getting a job is very difficult as most always ask for excellent written english skills - I don't have an English GCSE but do have a BA Hons in Film 2:1 !!! (even though I am a wizz at editing, music editing and visual effects) and am able to use a spell checker when necessary, but I do find it a hinderance at the moment, hopefully this might change when I have had more experience !! but a bit of a vicious circle, and I still believe some people really don't believe it is a thing !!
  • Absolutely. As is anxiety, depression, bi-polar and many other things that people tell us are ‘disabling’, issues and disadvantageous.

    They make us who we are. They drive us forward. They make us unique, looking at the world through a different lens.

    Don’t excuse them, embrace them. Talk about it. Encourage others too also.

    That way, you’ll help others step into their super powers.

    Stay Boom!
  • Completely! It's actually massively helped me in my field. there's workarounds and i've had to work at improving aspects withing writing side, but i'm definitely dyslexic and proud.
  • @Pip Jamieson WOW! Such an amazing article, I also struggled as a child in school and I later found out that I was dyslexic, sadly we did not have the right educational system to teach dyslexics. I embraced intuition and common sense. It is definitely my super power now and I embrace it more than ever in these challenging times. Thank you for your insightful article on this unique phenomena.
  • what I have been learning about human beings itself suggest that everyone has a super power that needs to be tapped into thier to many branches of mental perspectives. Its all about being emotionally and spiritually aware of self and who you are. knowledge is power!
  • 100%! I'm not dyslexic but my boyfriend is and I think dylsexics are the true epitomy of what it means to think outside the box! Plus pretty amazing that a lot of the inventions that we use nowadays were created by dyslexics.
  • Me! Definetly is a super power. It keeps the audience totally in a alter mode attention, and for those that are able to live alive with it, gives them a touch of ironic and friendly touch.

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