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YOUNG CREATIVE IN LONDON! Any advice/recommendations?

I've just recently moved to London in September to undertake a year internship as part of my university degree in Graphics. I really want to make the most of my time here,

What do you recommend to do to get the most of my time here as a young creative? Classes, Workshops, talks?
Would love to know as I don't want to miss out on any opportunities!


  • Use the dots & facebook to find events your interested in! London always has something happening, you just need to make your way & who knows who you'll meet & what opportunity may come your way :)
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    Head to an Its Nice That Nicer Tuesdays; great place to get inspiration!

  • I'm only listing these places as I don't think anyone else has yet, but I for me film is a massive influence and there is always something a bit different and worth a watch on at:

    Regent Street Cinema
    Prince Of Wales Cinema
    Picture House Central
    Close-Up Cinema
    Curzon Soho
  • Hi Kiran; The How To Academy runs a series of talks and interviews, covering a wide range of subjects. The accompanying podcasts can be quite interesting too
  • Follow the following for events and workshops/networking opportunities:

    The Dots
    Creative Equals
    The Other Box
    Good Girls Eat Dinner
    She Says
    Young Creative Council
    Badass Gal
    The Future Strategy Club
  • There are so many great things happening in London. Here are a few things I recommend you keep an eye on.

    Every last Thursday of the month there are talks organised by Typocircle. They are always really good. follow them as well on instagram to get the latest updates on their next talk. They program all sorts of creatives from leading designers, art directors, illustrators from small and large studios. It's not just focused on typography but covers a wide spectrum and is a must go to. They usually take place at St Brides library which is also a must visit for anyone studying graphics. They have a letterpress workshop and beautiful archive. They also hold other events some of which organised by the wonderful Eye Magazine.

    Eye Magazine:

    St Brides Library

    Mag Cultlure

    Mag Culture is focused on magazine and host a monthly talk led by either a magazine designer or founder. They are really great and it's usually a small crowd so it can give you the opportunity to meet other people. Make you visit the shop in any case. It's very inspiring. They have a great selection of magazines from all around the world with fantastic design & content.

    I would definitely recommend you also go to all the galleries while you are here. You might know a few already but head to Tate, Barbican, Whitechapel Gallery, South London Gallery, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Photographers' Gallery, Wellcome Collection and the private galleries are worth a visit. I recommend Victoria Miro, The Approach Gallery (unsual access through a pub), Parasol Unit, Thaddeus Ropac, Marian Goodman, Matt's Gallery to name a few.

    If you still have time left after all this and if you are still here in February, I strongly recommend you go to the Coronet in Notthing Hill. It's one of the most beautiful venues (inside) and has wonderful dance shows, including one from my favourtie choreographer Russell Maliphant. You can find details here:

    It's one of these rare venues where you can see really well from any seat.

    If you want any more inspiration, I recommend you pick Time Out London. It comes out weekly and lists art, music, food events in the city.

    Have a great time in London


  • Go to loads of networking events as it is a great way to meet new people. The Dots is a great source for finding events to attend. London is an incredible city so enjoy!
  • I'm not based in London but I come here more and more often. Secretely, I'm preparing myself to live here and stablish myself as an independent creative producer.

    During the last 3 years, I've been trying to get myself "on the spot" and I feel I'm going somewhere interesting in a professional/creative way for myself.

    The best thing I've done in London, was to go to events, meetups (check, go and meet the companies or brands I want to work in, collaborate with relevant people and projects and offer my work to people (sometimes for free, when I wanted to take the professional shortcut to work with a certain entity/person)

    But before all this, you need to have a direction. In London or anywhere in the world. If you don't know it, just do things. Forget the outside voices and just do what puts you on fire now. Don't think about where it will bring you or if it's good or bad. If it makes you feel genuinely good and it makes sense now, just do it. Your instinct knows more than your brain sometimes :) Stay focused, deploy the best of you to every project you are in, be honest, be humble and the rest will follow.

    Woah, this became kind of long ahah

    Anyway, I'm very interested in connecting with the young creatives her ein London.

    Connect with me and let's do something together!

    ig : @joao.filipe_
  • Get yourself a museum association card costs 55 for students/low waged for a year membership to go to all the best paid exhibitions in London from Tate to Barbican, British museum, Victoria Albert, and hundreds more all over the uk not just london

    If your under 25 :-

    Get yourself enrolled into entry pass by national theatre it’s free let’s you experience the theatre for around 10-15 pound stall seats if your under
    Young Barbican free to sign up to similiar to the national theatre
    Mousetrap theatre projects west end shows for cheap
    Royal opera house does a students one (reccomend the smaller theatre shows not the main stage which entails contempory dance, more experimental dance and music main stage shows is hard to digest if ur not educated in opera)

    There are just opening your avenue of creative stimulation that will help keep you energised and make the most of London
    As the peeps suggested network find mentors who’s work u like who may help With your direction or you can pose questions to and give feed back with portfolio or projects. ( keep going back to old projects even if its finished and just work them up utilising evrything you learned during your internship to show your mentros you take thier feedback seriously)

    Collab is definitely worth it too because agency work is constantly going through multiple people and they want team players not egos
    Find creative groups like the other box a Facebook group may post up relevant things relevant to you based on your culture ethnic background for self development.
    Hope that’s useful

    sorry reposted once i notticed how many spelling mistakes i made
  • Network. Network. Network. Whether free events, design festivals, motivational workshops, form relationships at every opportunity. Build your network, learn from others, show humbleness and relentless desire to learn, improve and add value to others. In turn this wheel will bring a wealth of opportunities your way.

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