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Hello from Heist, We're on a mission to disrupt the underwear industry. Why? Because there has been no innovation to speak of in underwear since the middle of the last century. Despite enormous social and technological change, underwear brands still design their products for static women. Women who live in billboard shots, not in real life. But at Heist, we know you move. We know that you're currently living in underwear that is inadequate, both in terms of function and your social identity. So, we set out to develop products that enable you to move, in whichever way you like. Two years ago, we started our mission with tights, and today we sell a pair every 15 seconds. Now, we're working on fixing the rest of underwear. We're inviting you to join our mission. We believe that the way the female body is depicted in visual imagery matters greatly. We're keen to engage with the most exciting creators, photographers & videographers, whose visual aesthetic is natural, approachable and engaging. We also look for those that are excited by our product and our wider mission - to change the future of female underwear, starting with tights. While we try to respond to questions quickly, we receive a high volume each day. For this reason, you may not hear from us immediately, but we will endeavour to reply to each and every one of you! If you have any questions concerning our mission, please do let us know.

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