24 Hours with My Clarins

  • Kate Tilbrook
  • Miles Drury

24 hours with My Clarins. To launch My Clarins skincare on ASOS we needed to position the range to suit the very on-the-go demands of a millennial. This campaign takes from as an energetic piece of video content that takes you through 24-hours with three ASOS insiders, catching glimpses of them using products in a way that feels authentic.

IG TV episode showing 24 hours with three ASOS insiders leading very different but busy lives. Client: Clarins, Director and editor: Joe Coope, Talent: Lotte Williams, Sophia Tassew and Joel Palmer, Editorial: Tahiera Overmeyer, Post: Cheat, Art Direction and ideation: Myself
Product still life shoot for onsite placements and social posts including sponsored collections on IG. Photographer: Miles Drury, Retouch: Charn Bedi, Art Direction: Myself
Organic IG story on ASOS Face+Body