A new visual language for The Hub, most innovative Scandinavian startup incubator

  • Filip Justić
  • Rokas Sutkaitis
  • Matej Justic

We partnered with Rainmaking Innovation to design and build a new visual identity, website, and application for The Hub. The Hub team worked on brand platform and values and needed help at translating their research into a visual identity that can be used company-wide as well as translated into an updated website design.

We phased out our process to propose new solutions to the Hub visual identity, website and platform build using Vue.js. Starting from visual identity we created new color palette guidelines, typography systems, photography guidelines, and graphic elements such as patterns, shapes and their applications. After the branding phase, we started our web design process based on The Hub’s previous research. We managed to stylise and unify Hub’s identity into one chohesive brand, that will be used across multiple platforms, such as their website and web application. During the design process we created components, guidelines and general templates to easily scale as The Hub’s user base grows with time.
Guiding force behind defining the style for TheHub’s website was their initial research, our revised branding, and the requirement to scale the solution across millions of users across five markets: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Northern Ireland. We managed to synchronise our development process with The Hub’s product team to setup a working environment in Vue.js. We focused on component based structure using BEM naming conventions while building the whole front-end aspect of the website and web app. Afterwards The Hub’s product team integrated functionality within the back-end.

Check the full Case Study here