Evolving the visual identity and website for Wibbitz, the video creation platform.

  • Filip Justić
  • Matej Justic
  • Rokas Sutkaitis
  • Vicente Reyes Montealegre

Wibbitz is an automated video creation company that empowers any team to produce professional short-form videos. With 3 locations in Tel Aviv, New York, and Paris, and $40m in funding, Wibbitz was ready to unify their marketing efforts under a more cohesive, enterprise orientated brand. In June, 2019 Wibbitz partnered with Balkan Brothers to completely rebrand and launch Wibbitz’s new marketing platform and product suite.

Wibbitz new logo represents a couple of important values that Wibbitz stands behind. First, easy video creation - the graphics represent a video storyboard, with a play button at the end. We also wanted to represent our ability to “pause and play” – a value that impacts how Wibbitz work as a company (smarter, not harder, always taking the time to breathe). Simplicity and modularity of shapes which represents how easy their products make video creation.
Through the exploration process, we defined a custom illustration style that will fit the new visual identity. Illustrations needed to be simple, colorful, and slightly disproportionate to indicate Wibbitz playful nature and ideology of freedom. Freedom to create.
In addition to the brand, we designed their new website, with illustrations, iconography, an updated color scheme and a general design system that will help guide their marketing team to represent the brand and it’s messaging.

Our development team integrated the website into a custom-built Wordpress CMS environment. We created custom modules, components, and elements, thus having complete control to create new pages and scale up their offering with ease.

Together with the great team at Wibbitz we successfully lanuched their new website in January of 2020. Our partnership is continued to this day as we help integrate new updates and features.