A Simple Twist of Fate

Set during the final hour of New Years Eve 1959, Adele is tasked with attending to the host of a lavish new years party Herbert Covington - powerful businessman and head of the Covington Household - who wants his thirst for wine quenched. Consequently she finds herself amidst a violent family conflict in which she will decide the fate of the Household. This project took root when me and Shahzain stumbled around the notion of writing an ensemble piece that evoked a period setting and embraced high drama. It was the first time either of us had approached anything of that nature and so we made up our own writing process. We threw our ideas onto a whiteboard, made family trees for characters, listened to a lot of music and watched a bunch of classic Hollywood movies. As we began to translate this onto the page we found ourselves building an atmosphere which for me became synonymous with the title 'A Simple Twist of Fate'. Writing a screenplay is one thing. Making a film is another. It takes a team to make a film - and everyone credited here deserves their recognition. There are so many examples and stories across all departments, throughout the process from pre to post of how they overcame challenges with determination and creativity. That said these behind the scenes pictures taken by Amy and Declan tell the story better than I ever could with words. And a final THANK YOU to all that made this project possible, the talented cast and crew, the generous helpers and donors. Your contributions are deeply appreciated! A Simple Twist of Fate was made as a final year graduate short film during our time at The University for The Creative Arts and is currently being prepped for a festival run.