• Peter Stitson
  • Olivia Whittingham
  • Tatsuo Hino

Ace Hotel London commissioned us to create a series of Kyoto inspired cultural programmes to celebrate the opening of Ace Hotel Kyoto. Sounds of Kyoto - We commissioned Bonjour Records, a multi-brand lifestyle retailer, to create 2 hours Kyoto-inspired playlist exclusively for Ace Hotel London to be played at their lobby for 2 weeks. Kyoto Sake Tasting - In a collaboration with Natsuki Kikuya, the director of MUSEUM OF SAKE, we organised a sake tasting event to guide guests to the beauty of sake from Kyoto with an exclusive selection of five sakes from four different breweries. Alongside the tasting event, we designed and produced a booklet for the event to introduce Kyoto’s famed for its sake brewing history and culture. Small Building of Kyoto - We organised the exhibition with a selection of images from ‘Small Buildings of Kyoto’, a publication that features a wide range of buildings in Kyoto at the lobby bar.