Ace & Tate + CMMN SWDN

  • Melissa Lindqvist
  • Floris van Driel
  • Tessa Pauw
  • Mark de Lange
  • lauren van der Kolk
  • shadeh kavousian
  • Jet Braas
  • anoma whittaker

This collection of unisex sunglasses was created in collaboration with menswear label CMMN SWDN, which was founded in Malmö, Sweden. The collection, consisting of 3 acetate frames and 3 metal frames, draws inspiration from youth subculture and the complexities of coming of age. Think of those hazy post-club early mornings, dystopian architecture, the energy of adolescence and you’ll have something that feels a little like these frames look.

Ravey, right?

Vitali Gelwich (HALAL) was enlisted to create the film and its accompanying photography. His finalised work focuses on a young couple at dawn and draws from the energy of adolescence and a hazy post-club morning atmosphere. The film was shot in Berlin and the bare urban setting feels particularly dystopian and heartachingly transient.

The Ace & Tate design team spent many hours in CMMN SWDN’s London-based studio when concepting, and the frames take the names ‘Pris’ and ‘Neo’ from characters found in Bladerunner and The Matrix movies. The collection harks back to 90’s rave culture, and shows a renewed interest in Sci-fi minimalism which has made a sudden resurgence in the fashion world. There is also a clear and romantic throwback to the time’s sportswear and cyber hacker Y2k influence with the narrow, dynamic shapes and bold futuristic colours.

CMMN SWDN comments: “The glasses are extending upon the theme of our recent collection of retro futurism. The slimly proportioned sunglasses hint at sci-fi movies of the past but are designed for now

Shop the Ace & Tate + CMMN SWDN collection on 26.04.18, here.