• Peju Ayanwale

CHALLENGE The onus placed on brands to communicate constantly in today’s world is substantial. Against this background, the physical store has become a powerful media channel. To support the reopening of their Oxford Street flagship, adidas needed to make a cultural impact in London to build local relevance. The brand’s Global Brand Design team were tasked with creating a visual language and graphic identity that would increase resonance between the brand and Londoners. Along the way, they also wanted to uncover new, efficient ways of working for adidas to build better products, experiences and communications — faster. SOLUTION GFX Conversions was a bespoke, immersive workshop experience that was designed to create physical outputs that would be the foundation for future work. Over the course of two days, we invited some of the city’s most disruptive cultural thinkers and creative practitioners to form a unique partnership with adidas stakeholders. Attendees were immersed in some of the key cultural nuances of London, before being tasked with creating a visual response to the city in the form of a completely new brand. The result was two new graphic identities brought to life in physical pieces, which directly informed future designs.