ALIGN 2020: AUB's first virtual graduate showcase

  • Isobel Fiske
  • Aman Malhi
  • Kirsty Thomas
  • Isabel Murphy
  • Rowena Shaw
  • Hyemin Kang

An innovative approach to a virtual graduate showcase in response to the pandemic causing physical event cancellations. Virtual exhibition: we used the virtual collaboration platform Miro to innovate different user journeys and experiences with a digital graduate showcase. We felt that Miro was an appropriate site to use due to our ability to collaborate on it as a team, as well as the increase in use of virtual project management platforms in industry. Through this platform we guided the viewer through the work in a non-overwhelming way and explored utilising Google Meet to create moments ('The Bar') for conversations between industry, tutors and students that would have organically occurred in a physical private view. Social media: we launched our social platforms early to celebrate the work that the cohort had already completed in order to re-motivate and promote a renewed sense of confidence that had been lost due to lockdown. Our social following and engagement was triple that of previous years and we gained a lot of traction from our recorded discussions with leaders in the design industry on IGTV about relevant topics including designers' responsibility in social change as well as how the creative industries are changing as a result of lockdown. My role as Creative Director: coordinating the different teams, their aims and work; designing, prototyping and building the virtual exhibition; hosting and organising recorded discussions with industry; collaborating with alumni to build a digital-friendly support network for graduates. Featured in Lecture in Progress and Creative Review