ALVA - 3D printing in personalized jewelry design

  • Sara Carlstedt
Alva is a way to create personalized jewelry unique to a person and have that 3D printed (using additive manufacturing) and drop shipped directly to the consumer. Starting off I did my own research and came to new conclusions and learnings. A massive re-think of the customer segment, the funktion and the design happens. The previous project owner had focused on women that by their own jewelry and the main focus was rings. Thru research I found that yes most jewelry sold are rings but women don't by them, men by them for women. Women sometimes by jewelry for themselves but mainly earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This meant a complete U-turn in the customer segment which in turn lead to a different type of design and a different branding and graphic design all together. Trying out a few different choices for branding but letting the function of the site remain the same. To go from a type of ring design to a more versatile printable design (almost a type of mandala) that can be used for many different types of settings and from different types of materials.