Pre/Cut a new way to see your economic future

  • Sara Carlstedt
Tomas had this idea of using the idea of gig economy, automation and the human drive to “win” as a base for a economics service. The EU legislation of PSD2 has opened up the market for fintech in the entire EU sector which can broadly means that third party non banks can provide economic services for private individuals all over the EU. The first iteration was a simple pdf going thru mail. Both the UX and UI side of things would need to be tested and updated continuously. Initially there were investor interest in this but due to them having too much on their plate already the put this of to a later date. Pre/Cut would work kind of like this. The service collects your salary, creates automated payments to previously known things like: rent, car payments and electricity. Allots x amount to savings and distributes the rest into your debit account per week so you effectively can't overspend. It also creates automated payment plans to creditors with fair and good conditions, from the contract that Pre/cut already made with credit or collection agencies. My reservations about the service came form of the human side to the value proposition. The people that would need this the most to help clean up their personal finances would be the least likely to use it. The swedish television show “lyxfällan” has proven beyond reason that people are their own worst enemies and that most of us don't really want to know what our own flaws are. So in essence I think the market share is to small to make the profit needed for the project cost. This however inspired my own idea I called Forecast.