Appliquér SPF

  • Luke Freeman ✓✐

Appliquér is an SPF created as a pseudo branding as content for a website template design. The project was to create a website template that would be rolled out as a web creation platform. To support this meant a pseudo brand had to be created with a clear visual narrative, to support the website template . Appliquér means in French to “apply”, as Appliquér would be an SPF moisturiser something you would apply to skin. The concept came from the gestures of hand movement of applying moisturiser to skin in a circular motion. To visualise those gestures of moisturiser applied to skin, where the use of textured marks made by hand. Marks would then be used without brands identity system from packaging, website and out of home billboards and posters. As SPF products come in various factors 15, 30, 50+ the use of colours was implemented taken from Suns change in colour through out the summer, chosen colour was given to each SPF to also indicate their strengths. Overall visual identity brings together the created textural marks and colours to give a personal identity to the consumer. The project was created in: C4D (3D software) to model the tubes and packaging Rendered with Octane. Adobe Xd, Photoshop, Illustrator OOH mockups were bespoke *Following images of models were taken from Pexels and Unsplash users.