• Skye Kelly-Barrett
Following on from our successful first screen prints series, we decided to go a slightly darker and more thematic route with the second print series, and went with a black plike paper, with a white ink. Paradise was inspired by the poem from John Milton by the same name (including Paradise Regained) and we asked each of the artists to interpret their ideas of heaven, purgatory or hell in their pieces.
The second artist based, limited edition screen print series from Skull & Heart, Paradise features artwork from: Paul Jackson, David Bray, Liane Plant, Dale Sarok, Tim McDonagh, Dan Mumford, Daggers For Teeth, & Sin Eater, Tara McPherson & Suzi Kemp. 
This series feautured 10 artists, each print series was limited to 40 prints, signed and numbered, and as our other print series, was priced at £30 per print.

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