Artwork for Barney Artist

  • Imi Read
  • Benji Reeves

Editorial artwork and Social Media artwork for Barney Artist in collaboration with Cortex Creatives.

I recently teamed up with Cortex Creatives to produce an out-of-the-ordinary edirotial, exploring the creative process behind Barney Artist's recent release 'Leave It All'. We formed a team of Videographer Casper Masi, Photographer Dylan Myers, Set Designer Sacha Molyneux, Producer Benji Reeves and myself as Art Director, to undergo this truly inventive editorial for the Cortex Creatives online magazine.
Alongside this, I produced a set of artwork for Barney to release on the Social Media build up for the release of his latest music video 'Leave It All'. Bikes Are Bikes, his recent E.P, build the foundations for our visual exploration within this online editorial, interview and social media strategy.