Axia Spirits

  • Cyrus Vantoch-Wood

The Beautifully Twisted Spirit.

The opportunity: Building a new alcohol category from scratch.
From the sleepy Greek Island of Chios to the buzzing bars of London and Miami, our mandate was to bring the centuries-old, artisanal Mastiha tradition to a discerning, contemporary palate.

Our Impact: Making modern mastiha a reality.
From a seedling idea to a coveted product, we played a pivotal role in formulating the design of the business all the way to launch into market. Delivering a compelling brand strategy, identity, packaging, investor tools, messaging platforms, audience personas, sales tools, and a go-to-market strategy.
Find (and sip) Axia in the best bars in metropolitan US and UK, including a number of the top 50 bars in the world, such as the trailblazing Tayēr + Elementary in Shoreditch.