Purple Bricks - Commisery

  • Cyrus Vantoch-Wood
Creative Problem - Estate agents aren’t top of anyone’s Christmas card list.  In the public eye they are long on unfulfilled promises and heavy on hair gel; certainly up there in the league of the most loathed trades.
However, Purplebricks aren’t like that at all.  With a hybrid approach that combines the efficiencies of an online platform, the personal service of the High Street, and the dramatic cost savings of a commission-free model, they’re changing the face of estate agency. We needed a way to communicate their core benefit and differentiate them from the crowd.
Creative Idea - You know that sick-to-the-stomach feeling when you’ve wasted money unnecessarily?  Well, in the world of estate agency, we’ve got a name for it. ‘Commisery’ – the misery you feel when you’ve spent thousands on commission but got nothing more for your money.

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