Ballantine's LAI

  • Dan Scott

Ballantine’s L.A.I.

Bringing individuality back to the strip search.
Inverting the airport norm of processing travellers as mere numbers and stripping them of their identity, Ballantine’s LAI sought to remind travellers of the power of their creative side by helping them create a unique reflection of themselves. Essentially, LAI was a giant digital toy in dutyfree. It was a hell of a lot of fun to make, and the aesthetic and interactivity were fantastic.
Created in collaboration with AllOfUs— the installation, allowed passers by to create a unique digital impression of themselves. The installation was quite simple, consisting of a hacked Microsoft Kinect inside a ceramic body. It analysed the user’s body as they approach the screen, clocking their clothing colour, motion, gesture and proximity to create an algorithmically generated reflection, unique to that user alone.
Once you’d left your impression, LAI printed a little receipt that let you claim your impression and free cocktail. The receipts were a cute little touch.

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