BBC Atlantis

  • Rebecca Pattinson
The Brief:
BBC Atlantis is a prime time Saturday night family drama for BBC One similar to Merlin and Doctor Who. The BBC needed to launch the show's social platforms, create online buzz around the TX's and create daily content throughout the duration of series one.
My Role:
I was the lead content creative for this campaign and my main role was to create the social assets and copy for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr that introduced the world, characters and stories to the auduence. As the show was still being created when I stepped into this role, one of my biggest challenges was creating content for the show with limited and embargoed assets. My solution was to create and design original gamified content that would excite fans such as bingo cards, name generators and personalised content that didn't rely on actual show imagery, but still helped to expand the world of Atlantis.
The main aim of this campaign was driving conversation on the social platforms around the TX and with Tumblr being one of the main social spaces, I not only live tweeted along with each episode, but also 'live-giffed' the action as it happened. This strategy ensured that the brand stayed one step ahead of the most dedicated Tumblr followers, providing them with all the content that they needed to populate their own blogs, increasing the notes on our posts and spreading reach.
The show was the biggest Saturday night drama launch on any UK channel since 2006. During the first TX, our content gained a reach of 28 million and the show trended during every TX. In addition, The Tumblr that we launched was the first ever brand Tumblr launch for the BBC and went on to be named 'Best of 2013' in Tumblr's annual round up.
Check out some examples of my work below: