Benefit Brow Collection - Australia

When Benefit Brows approached GIFGIF’s Australian Partner, Social Playground, to recreate the infamous Met Gala video portraits, they had two words. ‘HELL. YES!’

The event was to launch the Benefit Australia Brow Collection, #Magicbrows. It was a beauty influencer event with babes such as @brittney_saunders, @demharm, @sarah3llen, @mariayousif_, @amypejkovic, @nataie_roser and many more attending! 

Met Gala, for those of you that don’t know, is the fundraising event of the year. With Vogue in charge of the guest list, and tickets costing upwards of $25000, you can imagine the caliber of celebrity that attend!

The video portraits, created by Vogue, and shot by film director Gordon von Steine, were shared so many times on Instagram they broke the internet! Some of the world’s most famous and influential celebrities got involved. People such as Kayne West, Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Anna Wintour herself, strutted their stuff for their Instagram followers. Beautifully flattering strobe lighting, a steely grey set, and seriously smooth camera moves meant these mega stars could be nothing short of a viral success.

Benefit bought Social Playground on board to build a Met Gala inspired backdrop, and create a little GIF mania. With a pink theme to match the Benefit brand and super flattering strip lighting, the influencers could not wait to get involved.

The results were incredible. They went crazy over the GIFs and were Instagraming and sharing all night. With several GIF’s being viewed on Instagram over 7,000 times each, we can safely say the night was huge success!

Congrats Social Playground, you nailed it!