Vue Cinemas - Zoolander2 - United Kingdom

  • Lauren Mitchell
When Think Agency approached our London Partner – LOOKLOOK – to help celebrate the launch of the Zoolander2 movie at Vue Cinemas around the UK they knew GIFGIF was the right tool for the job!

The Zoolander2 plot revolves around fashion, catwalks and Blue Steel poses and as LOOKLOOK are both photo booth and photo content experts they know a thing or two about dressing up, striking a few poses and making a GIF go viral!

The main aim was to strengthen brand awareness for Zoolander2 through social media engagement whilst offering visitors something fun, funny and fabulous that they could take away with them. GIFGIF fit in with the films sense of humour perfectly. GIFS are funny. Fact. We challenge you to make one and not break a smile.

They created four customised GIF booths and delivered them to Vue Cinemas in London, Birmingham, and Leeds. The fully branded booths were strategically situated at the entrance of each venue to attract more traffic. Unique overlays and gallery branding were created and a dedicated #Vuelander hashtag was used to encourage people to share their GIFs on social media.

Over the course of the campaign more than 2,200 GIFs were made with an overall reach of over 450,000.

Check out the GIF gallery and see just how much fun was had for yourselves!