Beyond our Grasp

  • Geri Dempsey

WWW.BEYONDOURGRASP.CO.UK Beyond our Grasp is a website and digital exhibition exploring the hybrid nature of modern religion, performativity and our relationships with objects. The browsing experience is an audio-visual one, tackling the physical symbols and touchpoints of faith and the idea of fashion as embellishment to our daily performance. A collaboration with multiple photographers and artists formed the exhibitions imagery and audio. The site is mobile responsive and constructed using standard HTML, CSS, and multiple Javascript tools. Most notably the combination of Horizontal and Vertical scrolling built using GSAP from Greensock on GitHub and a selection of on scroll animations.  GRAPHIC DESIGN, ART DIRECTION AND WEB DEVELOPMENT — GERI DEMPSEY PHOTOGRAPHY — SILVANA TREVALE, ETHAN HART, SAM CASEY, DONAL TALBOT