Bin It! (Creative Conscience)

  • Patrick Glavee
  • Chrissy Levett

Dr. David Halpern, the Chief Executive of the Behavioural Insights Team (The Nudge Unit), their work and his book Inside the Nudge Unit, is the inspiration behind this idea and proposition. The goal is to encourage and increase the use of public bins around the city, through subliminal and subdued psychological messaging and design. I propose this sign be attached to selective posts (lamp poles, traffic lights etc.) throughout the city. The idea, is to rework the standard “You are Here” street map, commonplace in large cities, with the simple addition of the average steps required to reach the nearest bin, time taken to do so and bin types (general waste, paper etc.) This campaign aims to assist the public in locating bins while making them think twice about discarding litter anywhere they please. Signs can also be created as temporary signposts to be placed during events or large public gatherings, where ground litter is likely to become rampant.