• Chris Ireland
Could you take a tool, something that you use everyday in your work process, and redesign it? This project looks at the notebook, and how we could re-imagine the recording process.
Writer Jack Kerouac famously wrote his entire first draft of On The Road on a 120-foot scroll of tracing paper fed through his typewriter. This allowed him to write freely and without pause, completing the draft in only three weeks.
A paper holding system designed to utilise scrolls, Boundless allows for the user to write on a continuous piece of paper, thus leaving their flow undisrupted. Boundless utilises a modular system, allowing artists and designers to customise their equipment to best fit them.
Taking inspitation from Jack Kerouac's process, this tool focuses around the idea of flow, encouraging swift notation of continuous trains of thought.
Inspired by the style of Muji and Ikea, the branding aims not to draw attention away from the product itself, while also giving it some ownability.
The ownable aspect of the brand comes in the brand mark, which references the movement involved in using Boundless thanks to incremental rotations in the letter-forms.
I designed and prototyped Boundless myself, before working with Plastexe Exeter for providing and cutting its acrylic elements. After its production, all of the product’s branding and idea generation were done with the use of Boundless.