Dimpsy Cider

  • Chris Ireland
Roger Wilkins' Dimpsy Cider
As part of a workshop at Falmouth University, Taxi Studio challenged us to create a unique packaging solution for a Somerset Cider maker, Roger Wilkins.
After researching Roger and his business (pictured in the images above), I decided that the packaging should focus on the hand picked nature of his apples, and my task then became how the packaging could reflect this.
Apples at it's core
The packaging makes the user physically emulate the picking of the apples, only revealing the full brand mark when 'picked'. There's nothing better than the taste of a freshly picked apple, the same goes for Dimpsy Cider.
Whats in a name?
Dimpsy .noun(probably). (Southwest English, dialect)  1. twilight, a.k.a the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon 2. shortsightedness*
*If you've had too much of this to drink, you might go a little Dimpsy.
Below is a promotional poster run that is light sensative, only revealing the message at dimpsy.
Promotional Campaign: Sticking with Roger
'Sticking with Roger' is a campaign to increase purchases inspired by collecting fruit stickers. With ever purchase Wilkins' Dimpsy you can gain a fruit sticker (from on the cans or stuck to your glass by the bar staff); once you have five the sixth is free, simple.

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