British Library x Charles Jeffrey Research Competition

  • Pippa Lee

Brief : Using Charles Jeffreys SS20 'Mind's Instructions' manifesto as inspiration, design a capsule collection, consisting of 8-10 garments. Use a book from the British Library to inform your collection. Unfortunately I couldn't enter this competition due to not being a fashion design student (as I am a fashion communication student), however decided to explore the brief anyways. I used the book 'News from Nowhere' by William Morris to inspire this collection. The book describes a utopia world where land ownership isn’t allowed and a lot of gender roles are demolished. As well as this, education is teaching children with nature and having them play in the woods endlessly. The book also describes a very communist society and everyone finds peace, thanks to nature. I combined William Morris' prints and the nature mentioned within the book. I also combined Charles Jeffrey's signature red with the theatricality of his designs. The final images are to display what the models would be dressed like for the runway when wearing this News from Nowhere collection.

Examples of how the models would be styled for the capsule collection.

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