• Pippa Lee

Developing a luxury brand which focuses on conspicuous consumption and how the advancement in social media has resulted in the obsession of logos within luxury fashion. '$%@*!’ is the only luxury brand name that cannot be shouted about – literally. The ‘name’ cannot be said as a result of it being a mixture of symbols, making it difficult for the brand to become a status symbol within society when it cannot be shouted about. ‘$%@*!’ debut collection is fashioned for Spring/Summer 2021. The collection is of course inspired by where the Logomania trend began, the early 90’s. Taking references from 1990 Vogue magazines and designer runway shows at the time. The tartan found within the pattern of the garments within the debut collection were also inspired by the tartan trend around a similar time to Logomania. The patterns within the collection were generated to create a satire against logos being overused within current luxury fashion. This whole project was completed within lockdown. The photoshoot models were family members and dogs in order to abide by the lockdown regulations. The adaptation of my photoshoots and project awarded me a spot as a finalist for the adaptation award from GFW.