Bugatti Experience

  • Brian McCarthy

Bugatti were reaching for a fresh look and feel on their website to amplify the brand and Bugatti experience. Matter of form were leading on the creative direction. The creative led building a visually abstract web experience. The web experience provided users a platform to play and explore the Bugatti brand.

Building out the experience required a deep look at Bugatti cars. Engine parts, lights and materials were heavily referenced as a starting point to build an abstract world.

I began building glass structures referenced on the elements of the Bugatti car. The glass structure became the centre piece of the web experience. Several lighting set up were used to bend and refract light to trial different tonal arrangements. During the process I played close attention to IOR (Index of Refraction) table. Buggati are known for pioneering cutting edge materials in production. Polycarbonate is one of the materials used on the sunroof of Buggati cars. The index of refraction for poly carbonate is 1.584. When applied to the 3D scene the light began to refract as it would a Bugatti polycarbonate sunroof.

After building out the glass structures the experience required stitching together. The animations and layout are designed to feel like it’s being engaged with on a digital device. The user would be presented a glass structure, after the user interacts with the centrepiece a new section presents itself