Building UX practices at Virgin Atlantic

2018 has been a busy year in digital at the world’s most loved airline. We’ve brought together a group of highly skilled and award-winning individuals to build a new UX team. The new team combines research, content, design and product together in-house for the first time at Virgin Atlantic. The team covers a wide remit of customer-facing UI, including web, apps, kiosks and touchscreens. We’re excited to be bringing our industry-leading customer experience in to our digital experiences and creating delightful moments for our customers. We like to think that all of our work has a seam of Virgin Atlantic red at its heart; that authentic personality that has defined our airline for the last 34 years and continues to make us unique.

The history of Virgin Atlantic is rich with moments of customer delight, so this team has an amazing opportunity to design beautiful digital experiences, for people on their travels.

Martyn Reding, Head of User Experience