• Tebo Mpanza
  • Jordan Smith
  • Keith Kaselampao
  • Joey Lee
  • Jay Topham

Citadel is an iconic building in the heart of the UK, but its story had become lost in the growing urban environment of Birmingham. Kinrise, a firm who "create spaces that inspire and enable", wanted to breathe new life into the building as a social workspace whilst acknowledging Citadel's significant contributions to the spirit of the city. The brand needed to reflect the creative innovation destined for the space, whilst honouring the rich heritage within Citadel's grand structure. We uncovered an own-able intersection for Citadel, balancing historic legacy of the building with the gritty creative scene Birmingham embodies - a brand narrative that revealed a hidden story. The building's architectural features were reflected in the visual identity, as well as directional elements which restore movement and intention to the space. Legacy and innovation directed by design.