Corona Sunsets

Elevating the Corona Sunsets festival experience to own the sunset and be a backdrop for amplifiable content.

In 2018, the brand challenged itself to raise the bar, delivering it’s biggest activation yet, in order to appeal to a growing audience with a focus on females, as well as drive their global sustainability message. Vision Nine’s challenge was to come up with new solutions to make this happen, via experiences, activations and a strategic program of entertainment rooted in insights, that didn’t take away from the hero Sunsets activation that has become synonymous with the brand.
We wanted to create various experience moments throughout the day rather than just build to a headliner. Live bands were interspersed with DJ’s, and other performance art, such as dance, fire performance and pyro. The hero moment each day was timed with the actual sunset hour, where we drew inspiration from Mayan and Incan style celebrations. Dancers, performers, and live instrumentation accompanied the DJ to create a salutation to the sun going down, and the shift in energy into the night. We also removed as much single use plastic from both the Lovebox and Boardmasters Corona activations as possible.
With a focus on PR and Influencers activity to amplify the onsite experience, the festival program delivered a coverage reach of 130M and garnered 84 organic Instagram Stories. A brand high 63,000 fans attended the Sunsets Stage across both shows providing the backdrop for over 300k organic social media impressions.
“Vision Nine are specialists within festivals and the value to me of this was proven in the vigilance of their approach. As well as the great production of the larger components of the build it was the detailing where Vision Nine team really excelled. Small details that the team did not overlook had a massive impact on the experiential journey we wanted to take our guests and consumers through. This indicates to me that Vision Nine really took ownership of my brief which is what I look for in the agencies I want to work with.”
Andrew Milford - Senior Brand Manager, Corona