Creative principles

It’s the baseline that enables our creative process to function and it is something that is agreed within the group to create an environment in which the people involved can feel safe and thrive.

A. Open mindset
The single most important and most underestimated part is mindset. The attitude one approaches a situation. Having an open outlook, attitude and beliefs is the key that empowers you to be as creative as you can.
Without it, your creativity will be compromised and limited.
Start with a mindset that allows you to create
B. Collaboration
It’s simple, it’s not about a lone wolf or a creative genius. By working collaboratively you can be more efficient, take advantage of multiple skill sets and accelerate projects and reach higher goals. Build on the ideas of others by adding onto their ideas. It’s vital to achievement at all levels
The answer lies in the many
C. Focus
It means having a clear goal, being present and having constraint. Contrary to the assumptions about creativity being free-thinking, no rules and unlimited options.
Focus enables speed and not the other way around
Until next time, Remember that creativity is a mindset, not a skill and that we all possess it.

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