Crunchy Nut - Snacking On The Job

In Q4 2017 we launched our first campaign for Crunchy Nut; #NotJustForBreakfast, being the first cereal to reposition itself as an evening snack and not just a breakfast cereal. After the success of that campaign, we were given the opportunity to execute phase two - targeting people who snack at work. And that's when things got interesting.... You see, snacking in the workplace is huge. And there's TONS of hilarious behaviours that we exhibit or witness every day... From those passive aggressive email chains when Gloria's biscuits go missing. To that one employee who turns up to every birthday desk gathering just to get a slice of cake - regardless if they're friends or not. These serious of films observed the way we snack at work, inviting you at home to recognise yourself or a colleague. C'mon, I challenge you to not recognise yourself or a colleague in at least one of these.