Depop Blog

  • Dan Viveiros
  • David Clulow
  • Lara Janani
  • Emily Shorvon
  • Matt Booy
  • Jamie Nicoll

Bringing content to life with community at its heart. Depop has been wildly successful at engaging and inspiring the Gen Z audience with its platform, but recognised a dedicated space to celebrate its users was missing. The power of Depop lies in its incredible creative community. Instead of the Depop website existing to send people straight to the app, we saw an opportunity to create a community fueled content space that showcases the buyers, sellers and fashion-forward thinkers that have driven its success. Depop is a place where sellers have become style icons, young artists have been snapped up by legendary fashion brands, and doing a small photoshoot with a friend can turn into a modelling contract. It’s a place where creative people find success on their terms. Knowing this, we created Depop Blog - a platform that honours those who choose to live life their own way. The people who celebrate self-expression and value individuality above all things. Depop Blog is a space where the next generation’s aspirations can not only be realised, but are met with support from a community that can’t wait to see others succeed. From content strategy right through to website design, UX and development - every decision was made with a Gen Z audience in mind. We also developed the site on a system that made sure everyone could easily update and highlight incredible content - ultimately giving Depop users a space where they can celebrate individuality, get inspired and dream big.