Design Bridge Competition - Durex Campaign

University Project: The brief was to pick an article from The Guardian 2020 January issue and respond as one of the brands listed in the brief. The article header I chose was ‘Equality and respect’. The brand I chose to respond to this article with was Durex. The final outcomes showcased a new campaign where Durex changed their logo, slogan, colours and product packaging in order to represent every gender.

The headline I have chosen is ‘Equality and respect: couple who fought to extend civil unions register partnership.’ The article talks about how Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan tried to form a civil partnership at their local register office, only to be told they could not because they were not the same sex. After five years of campaigning for equality and respect, they both finally walked out of Chelsea town hall as civil partners.

I have responded as the brand Durex, supporting the article by raising awareness and backing Rebecca’s and Charles’ campaign. In order to help fight for equality and respect, Durex has rebranded for the purpose of a new campaign. Their new logo incorporates the four main gender categories: male, female, non-binary and transgender and all other genders that fall under these four categories. As part of this campaign, Durex have also changed their slogan from ‘Love Sex Durex’ to ‘Every Sex Durex.’

Durex have also ended their colour associations such as black and purple for men and pink for women, replacing them with the colours: white, orange, green and the original blue Durex brand. All their product packaging has now acquired a new, modern look, with colours that do not divide genders and represent everyone equally. Durex have released a series of posters and billboards that take quotes out of the article, for example: ‘equality and mutual respect,’ in order to raise further awareness. Another set of posters and billboards illustrate their response as a brand: ‘We’re accepting every sex. Why aren’t you?’ in order to bring everyone together to fight for equality and respect.


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    Sheffield Hallam University