Design Works Wonders

  • Chandr Chandrvirochana
  • Saachi Mehta
YCN Student Awards : Design Works Wonders Client : MOO MOO is a vibrant and colourful online print and design company. This brief challenged us to interpret their new brand philosophy and tagline - Design Works Wonders in various formats. The freedom to approach design and explain how it works wonders boundlessly was what appealed to us to choose this brief. Having worked on it, we realised not only how the brand has created a platform for itself, which portrays it with a bold, fun and playful outlook, but also the amount of thought and details that actually go behind in creating and maintaining that image. It has carved out a unique reputation for itself in the industry and continuously surprises with its work, truly living up to its philosophy - Design Works Wonders. Design Works Wonders. Having researched we reinterpreted this philosophy, and have depicted one of the most wonderful specimens of design created by nature itself - the human anatomy. This work is an animation of illustrations of the brain, the heart and the hand. It depicts how the brain, the heart and the hand are some of the most amazing design works and structures in the human body. We take for granted the wonders created by the intricate mechanics involved in the structure and working of their design. And literally explaining the tagline as well, when the brain ideates, the heart works with passion and the hand creates, the design that is then created genuinely works wonders. So the design of these organs themselves and the designs created cumulatively by them all create wonders and prove the philosophy right.