Developing AI-powered language-learning platform

  • Ruksana Shaukat Jali

I aided the design and development of the world's first audio-visual pronunciation assessment.


The platform allows the users to have personalised feedback on their pronunciation, as well offering them more information on how to produce the correct sounds/phonemes. I worked on this project at

I was able to learn React.js, CSS and Git, in order to quickly and reliably implement the following application within 2 months. Throughout the process, I also improved my coding practice through pull requests and thorough code reviews.

Features I actualised: flow for client's API, sidebar, localisation functionality, start page, summary page, sentence progress bar, carousel containers, conditional feedback prompt, error pop-up.


Existing virtual language learning platforms lack in personalised feedback when teachers are not present. Many individuals also lack confidence when speaking in a foreign language. This platform offers personalised feedback without real teachers being present and will soon have an effect on the English speaking capabilities of non-native speakers.


I took part in the software engineering workflow, which involved creating pull requests and responding to comments of other engineers, before merging my code into the development branch. This allowed me to improve my general coding practice. Throughout the process, usability and design suggestions were also given to the designers.