Dharavi Biennale

Art, health, love ❤︎ and ♻︎ recycling. 
Dharavi is Asias largest slum. The Wellcome Trust are active in Dharavi researching and carrying out initiatives to support and educate residents. As part of this programme they devised an art biennale that would blend art and science to share information on urban health. The Biennalle also aimed  to showcase the contribution of the people of Dharavi to Mumbai’s economic and cultural life. 
Alongside the creation of the identity I acted as Creative Director of the biennale working alongside the local artists and organisers from the Wellcome Trust’s base in Dharavi. 
Modular and responsive
I created a modular logo to reflect the modular architecture of Dharavi itself. Able to fit into any space and easily remembered and reproduced.
Art in your hands  ✍
Wellcome Trust data showed that many of the residents of Dharavi did not own a computer or have access to fixed internet connection.
But nearly every person owned a smart phone with mobile data connection. We created a mobile ready site that was optimised to use less data and was clear and simple to use whilst still retaining the spirit of the identity.


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