• Naz Yunt
This was the idea my teammate and I came up with for the Young Lions 2016 Cyber Category Competition. We won gold. :)
NSIGHT: By 2050, fisherman will be bringing home more plastic bottles than fish. The best way to people's hearts is their stomach. To generate interest towards the cause, Goumbook will shift the focus from being an 'environmental' problem to becoming a 'foodie' problem.
IDEA: We will create a cookbook endorsed by a celebrity chef - Anthony Bourdain - with a tweak: Fish recipes, where fish has been replaced by plastic (a way to portray a very negative scenario of what might happen in the future) "From plastic waste to delicious dishes" by Anthony Bourdain, will be the central piece of our social media strategy that will shock our audience with a sad but realistic truth.
HOW DOES IT WORK: The cookbook will be sent to local foodies along with a handwritten letter from Anthony Bourdain himself, explaining the campaign and inviting them to embrace and support the cause. The main ingredent of this book is its content - recipies where fish has been replaced by plastic - that key influencers can use to promote the book with their fan base on Facebook and Instagram. Once the public starts criticizing the book and the outrageous idea of cooking with plastic, we will share a YouTube video and spread on social media with the help of key influencers, where Anthony Bourdain explains how to cook the most delicious plastic dish. At the end of the video, we reveal that our campaign was nothing but a stunt to raise awareness of a good cause with our message: By 2050, fisherman will be bringing home more plastic bottles that fish. If you own a business in the hospitality sector, say no to bottled water. Filter and bottle your own plastic. Drop It or Eat It.


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