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  • Will Knight
  • Sofía Johnston
  • Josephine New
  • Josie Tucker
  • Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid
  • Lunga Ntila

Call for Collaboration is a partnership between It’s Nice That & Dropbox project connecting creatives from across the world to collaborate on fun, fully commissioned projects, using Dropbox Paper as a tool for collaboration across a range of creative disciplines. We ran a total of 6 of these projects, collaborating with María Medem, Élise Rigollet, FISK, Ruohan Wang, Kelly Anna, Josie Tucker, Mahaneela, Lunga Ntila, Actual Source, Margot Lévêque, Julian Glander & Sofia Johnston. Link to project: https://www.itsnicethat.com/partnerships/dropbox-call-for-collaboration

María Medem and Élise Rigollet

María Medem and Élise Rigollet created a Risograph-printed calendar for 2020. Inspired by the annual circle of seasons as displayed in the Wheel of the Year, María and Élise's creation features details such as astrological signs, moon cycles, meteor showers and lunar eclipses too.
FISK and Ruohan Wang

Bijan Berahimi and Ruohan Wang created a limited edition T-shirt encouraging us to interact with nature
Kelly Anna and Josie Tucker

Kelly Anna and Josie Tucker create an empowering zine to celebrate female strength
Mahaneela and Lunga Ntila

Mahaneela and Lunga Ntila photographically illustrate three facets of modern love
Actual Source and Margot Lévêque

Actual Source and Margot Lévêque collaborate to co-create a poster using a series of graphic stamps
Julian Glander and Sofia Johnston

Julian Glander and Sofia Johnston collaborate on a brand new set of weird and wonderful emojis

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