Editing // SUITCASE Vol. 27, The Books Issue

  • Olivia Squire
  • Jacob Elwood
  • Kareena Zerefos

To celebrate the season's turn towards escapist travel and tap into the popularity of literary content with our readership, for the summer 2019 edition of SUITCASE Magazine I decided on a "Books" theme to retread the steps of famous authors and recognise the impact of place on what we read and write. As I explain in my Editor's Letter, "When we set out to write – or read – in a foreign land, we’re not just packing a book, but a whole inheritance of romantic aspirations. We’re Jack Kerouac frenziedly scribbling scrolls of wayward poetry on the American highway; Ernest Hemingway knocking back tumblers of bourbon while penning tales of bravado in a Havana backstreet bar; Mary Shelley stalking the shores of Lake Geneva with a head full of fire and ice. Whether we’re inspired by the words of others or jotting down our own miniature masterpieces, the act of travel unlocks new ways of seeing – and being – and allows us to inhabit different characters, timelines and narratives." As Print Editor-in-Chief I single-handedly conceptualised, commissioned and edited all content, as well as collaborating with travel partners to produce trips, managing the budget and production timelines, and working with the design, digital and advertising teams on production, promotion and commercial strategy. I also planned a launch event in London to build buzz around the release. Highlights included: - Our cover story following in the footsteps of Gabriel García Márquez through Colombian cities, villages and countryside - The introduction of a new "On The Road" feature outlining my top book, podcast, playlist and magazine for the season - The introduction of a new approach to the regular "What to Pack" section, featuring seasonal male and female clothing in a model shoot rather then flat lays dispersed throughout the magazine - A Joycean ramble through the streets of Dublin by Irish novelist Danny Denton - Otegha Uwagba's exploration of her birthplace of Lagos, Nigeria, underpinning its reputation as a city of storytellers - An homage to the first female travel writer Egeria's expedition to the Holy City of Jerusalem - An illustrated timeline of our favourite travel writing reads - A thoughtful exploration of the true meaning of the writer's retreat and how it manifests today