Michael and Alicia are beautiful, ambitious and discontented with their marriage, so they make a last-ditch effort to save it with a trip to Grand Cayman. When their stay goes south, they agree to separate. But when Michael forgets something — his wedding ring — and returns to the room to retrieve it, the couple gets another chance to wipe the slate clean.

Directed by Benjamin Grillon and Romain Choay Written by Romain Choay Produced by Louis Figgis Starring Elise Crombez and Fares Fares Creative Director Adam Day-Lewin Creative Copy Writer Catherine Jarvie Executive Producers Lisa Holladay Nick Teare Jamie Kerr Co-Producer Rebecca Mills Director of Phootography Mattias Troelstrup, DFF Art Director Stephanie Westcott 1st Assistant Director Jeremy Robinson Film Editor Julian Eguiguren Composer Andrew McDonnell Sound Design Ben Leaves Hannah Webster - Jungle Studios Colourist Jonny Thorpe - Glassworks Flame Op Richard Russell - Glassworks

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