Event Branding: The Great Divide

  • Hannah Beatrice Owens

Eden Network asked me to create branding for their 'Eden Sunday', a day when they ask churches to promote Eden to their congregations. They share resources leading up to the day, and beyond, to encourage people to join Eden, and to support this charity. This year's theme 'The Great Divide' addresses the social phenomenon of people tending to stick to their own – conforming to those around them, whatever side of the widening social divide they find themselves on. There are so many growing divisions in society today. Yet Jesus shows us how to cross the divides, raising up the poor and humbling the rich and giving access to heaven. I wanted to illustrate this pretty hard topic with an attractive, engaging design, and to show the concept of separation without it feeling gloomy or depressing. I loved the concept of little, separated islands (partially inspired by Grayson Perry's engaving 'Map of an Englishman'). As the event had a primarily digital marketing plan and only a couple of places where this would be seen in print, I designed with RGB first (unnatural to me, as a print designer!) but enabled me to push that fun, bright and clashing colour scheme to the extreme. This artwork was then created for a number of digital channels, as well as a printed prayer calendar and print advert.